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Kidz Global Pty Ltd is the parent company for brands including:

Showkidz Management, one of Australia’s longest running and most successful talent management agency’s in Australia specialising in children’s entertainment representation.

Kidz on Set, Australia’s leading chaperoning service for children working on set for film and TV.

Kidz Fashion Week, the formidable annual child runway event showcasing Australian and international children’s fashion houses and the talent’s of Australia’s
multicultural children and most recognised children on TV. Subsequently, also the
Kidz Fashion Week Modelling Academy.

StuntKidz, Australia’s first stunt workshop classes for children incorporating mixed martial arts, parkour, acro, ninja training together with screen acting. And the
company’s most recent venture,

Terri Talks Kidz in the Biz, an online platform for parents, children and teenagers to inspire and educate children that are newcomers to the entertainment industry.

Kidz Global specialises in uniqueness. The talent agency, Showkidz began by recruiting talent from all walks of life, with special needs, from a range of ethnic backgrounds and individuals with diverse traits, that more accurately demonstrated globalisation.

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Terri Svoronos - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Terri Svoronos has been a pioneer in the media and entertainment industry, having been both a performer since the age of 3 years old, and an agent, teacher and parent for over 25 years.

As a young performer from a minority background (Greek), Terri Svoronos was increasingly frustrated that she was typecast as a 'Toula' or ' Voula' because of her heritage - not her talent.

“I found that the industry at that time was not current and reflective of Australian society and its diversity.”

Her first venture into the entertainment industry was a

production house in 1993, ‘Kute Kidz Productions’, which

later evolved into The Melbourne School of Performing

arts, within the school, Terri started to represent kids

which lead her to found and later launch Showkidz

Management, which began to make her main focus.

At the age of 25, Svoronos began to focus all efforts on Kute Kidz Productions. A successful

modelling school, and was running modelling classes at shopping centres nationwide starting from

20 children and growing to 1,500 by 1995. This lead to winning awards in Business Excellence and

also was awarded the ‘Young Achievers in Business Excellence’.

Terri launched Kidz Global in 2017, which became the parent company to a cluster of companies

within the children’s entertainment industry, this business then became the recipient of the ‘Telstra

Business Award’ in the micro-business category. Terri has created all of her business with the

purpose to break down barriers of stereotypical entertainment casting culture, and educate the

industry into realising the depth and capacity that diversity could bring to their businesses.

“I am proud of the inroads I have made in demonstrating that talent comes in all shapes and sizes and from a myriad of backgrounds. This has challenged the status quo and led to a significant

change within Industry."

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Australia's Leading Talent Agency

Showkidz Management creates confident kids! As a boutique, entertainment industry based Talent Agency. Providing opportunities, education and development for talent to participate in TV, film, fashion, theatre and musicals, Showkidz Management strongly believes in providing foundational skills for life that are imparted via preparedness workshops and casting experiences that emphasise and reinforce life skills.
Since its inception in 1994, Showkidz Management has cemented its place as one of Australia’s top children’s entertainment firms, having worked with all of the best players of the entertainment industry.
Showkidz Management has placed child talent in a range of major TV campaigns with some of Australia’s leading household brands including: Westpac, ANZ, NAB, St George Bank, Mazda, Toyota, Ford, Coles, Safeway, McDonalds, AusPost, Bonds, Huggies, Ambulance Victoria, Barbie, Best N Less, Cadbury, Chemist Warehouse and many more.
On top of it’s list of successful TV campaigns, Showkidz Management talent have appeared in many feature films including: Unbroken (Angelina Jolie), Pan (Hugh Jackman), Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Johnny Depp), Legend of Ben Hall, San Andreas (The Rock), Peter Rabbit 2, The Power of the Dog, True History of the Kelly Gang (Russell Crowe) and more.
Showkidz talent have also appeared in a variety of Australian TV shows and telemovies including: The Investigators (ABC),  Bad Mothers (Ch9), Mustangs (ABC), How to Stay Married, True Story with Hamish & Andy, House Husbands, Neighbours, Offspring, Winners & Losers, Young Sheldon, Wentworth, Underbelly, Love Child, INXS, Olivia Newton John (Delta Goodrem) and more.
Touching all facets of the entertainment industry, the talent at Showkidz Management have also graced the stage of many theatres, featuring in productions including: The King and I, Annie the Musical, The Lion King, The Sound of Music, Carmen, Cavalleria Rusticana, Tosca, La Boheme, School of Rock (Asia-Pacific), Universal Studios Christmas Spectacular in Japan, Les Miserables (Australia & Asia) and more.
Showkidz Management also offers a multitude of workshops that prepares their talent for auditions and work. This has had resounding success in building relationships, skills and opportunities for the Showkidz talent to perform and meet with industry professionals who mentor and share their knowledge and top tips leading to the agency building a reputation for having talent that are considered robust, prepared, professional and fun!
Showkidz Management believes that cultural awareness, dramatic abilities, and confidence, enhances success and enjoyment; not only in the performing community but in every walk of life. Working with Casting Agents both nationally and internationally, Showkidz aims to ensure the right child is skilled and orientated to work as a professional within the industry. 

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Australia's only national runway event dediacted to Children's & Teen Fashion

Since 2014, Terri has hosted Australia’s most recognised children’s fashion runway, Kidz Fashion Week. The event, which started in Melbourne now annually hosts child focused runway shows across Australia.
Working closely with some of Australia's best talent, Kidz Fashion Week showcases the latest in kids' fashion, with over 100 kids from as young as only 5 years old in a way that supports diversity and encourages children of all backgrounds to take the stage and walk.
The event is open to kids of all shapes, sizes and cultures, and works to celebrate the flair and individuality of every child involved.
Kidz Fashion Week not only displays the modelling talents of Australia’s children, it will also include some of Australia’s best children’s brands and designers. There is also special guest performances by some well-known celebrity children, child actors, and performers!
Kidz Fashion Week always has an amazing celebrity kids line up. Over the years, Kidz Fashion Week has included mini-celebrities from Channel 9’s House Husbands – Miss Lily Jones, Miss Madison Tores-Davy, Miss Allegra Volange, as well as Chance Charles, from Network Ten’s Offspring, and most recently Meika Woollard, Australia’s most successful child and teen model, Harvey Petito, international TikTok sensation, Aiden Caliafore, The Voice, JayJay Pantano, America’s Got Talent and AGT Champions.
The event gives children from age 5 to 17 the ability to step into the spotlight, and gives the talent an opportunity to work with some of Australia’s best children’s fashion designers, stylists and photographers. Kidz Fashion Week’s mission is to be inclusive and promote diversity while encouraging children of all backgrounds to get involved and walk the runway. 

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Australia's Only Child Chaperoning Service Agency - over 100 Chaperone's Australia Wide.

One of Australia’s leading child chaperoning services, Kidz on Set was founded by Svoronos in 2013 to provide leading Australian TV and production houses with highly qualified chaperones to ensure children working in the entertainment industry are carefully and securely monitored while filming on sets with around around 100 chaperones across Australia.Kidz on Set has a long list of clients that they have worked with, some of these clients have included Foxtel’s ‘Childhood’s End’ directed by Nick Hurran (Doctor Who, Me and Mrs Jones, Sherlock and The Prisoner) where they had 20 chaperones on set for the full 12 week production.Adding to their list of reputable clients also includes Opera Australia on their ‘King and I’ production with with Lou Diamond Phillips and Lisa McCune. Kidz on Set also chaperoned The Production Company’s ‘Showboat’.Other TV shows the company has been involved with include: Hamish & Andy’s ‘True Story’ (SE1&2), The Leftovers (SE3), Little City, Fancy Boys, Wentworth and Romper Stomper.As well as TV, Kidz on Set have provided chaperoning services to a range of movies including: Judy and Punch, Swing and Safari with Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Julian McMahon,  and Asher Kiddie, which was Directed by Stephen Elliott (Pricilla Queen of the Desert). Kidz on Set have also chaperoned a long-list of movie titles, such as Holding the Man, Angel of Mine and more.Kidz on Set have also chaperoned various TV commercial productions for brands including: eBay, iSelect, Compare the Market, Coles, Bright Green, Franklin Covey Australia. They have also worked with child-based news segments working with TV news outlets such as The Weekly with Charlie Pickering.Each year, the Child Employment Agency in Australia is tightening up the red tape and regulations surrounding children working in the media and entertainment industry. Terri is a strong advocate for changes to these restrictions and ensures each and every one of her team are at the forefront of all child employment laws, ensuring at all times the child’s best interests are at the top of mind.Whether it is child runway events, photoshoots, commercial, TV or movie filming, Kidz on Set have a stable of professional chaperones to ensure the production goes smoothly, professionally and most importantly - safely.

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Australia's only agency that trains and prepares kids for stunts in film & tv.

Founded in 2017, Terri partnered with dual-olympic athlete and former Ninja Warrior contestant, Paul Lyons, to launch StuntKidz as part of the Showkidz family.StuntKidz is a highly engaging and thrilling series of workshops and classes where children are trained to perform stunts that you see on your screens in your favourite TV show or feature films.Incorporating a wide and diverse range of disciplines, StuntKidz workshops teach mixed martial arts, along with parkour, a military style training. The workshops also include acrobatics all combined with real-world acting skills to have children ready and skilled in specialist areas for TV and movie filming.Whether your child is agency represented or not, StuntKidz workshops are open to everyone who are interested in learning the skills of the trade to perform like they will become the next Angelina Jolie or Dwayne Johnson.

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Educating Parent's & Kidz about the truths & myths about the craziness of SHOWBIZ!

Terri Talks is an Australian weekly video podcast series that Terri launched in 2018 to teach people more about the entertainment industry, more specifically, children working in the entertainment industry.
This video podcast ware engaging and interactive videos are aimed for parents who have kids and teenagers who are either interested in getting in the entertainment industry or are in the industry, that will educate them on the truths and myths surrounding the craziness of what is showbiz.
From being a performer since age 3, Svoronos has been exposed to every possible situation and experience in the entertainment industry. The good, the bad and the down right ugly.
Terri Talks is a way for Terri to share her knowledge, which providing support and discussing important topics such as how to conduct yourself on set, ensuring you behave appropriate as well as some topical children’s issues such as bullying.
Off the back of Terri Talks is Terri’s mentorship program for elite talent ensuring they are protected from the ugly side of social media she tours with her famous workshop “Mastering the Art of NOT GIVING A CRAP” aimed at teaching teens to be more in tune with themselves - teaching self awareness and goal setting - matching ambitions with actions!
Terri has just introduced #KIDPRENUERS - a programme that assists young people with start up ideas.
“In my travels I meet some amazing kids - kids that remind me of me growing up , driven, self aware and determined to succeed. Most of these kids have come up with amazing ideas to start businesses. But their families (some of them) don’t believe in them BUT I do!”
Others have their families support but don’t know where to start - so I go through some of the legalities of IP trademarks, business names, domain names, logos, social media presence  etc and help them start - some I invest in others i don’t!"
The video podcast series aims to help educate children in the entertainment industry, as well as helping to change their mindset.

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Preparing & Training Kidz & Teens for the world of Modelling and Runways.

Kidz Fashion Week Modelling academy was born as an extension of the highly successful runway event that tours nationally every year.
The academy aims to give kids and teenagers the skills they need to prepare for the upcoming castings by conducting preparation workshops iin advance of the castings.
The academy's main focus is to help instil confidence and teach life skills to our youth, through structured workshops and short courses.
The other goal is to help aspiring models become professional models and succeed in this competitive industry.
In a world of ever-changing technology and social media society has forgotten how important etiquette and deportment are.  The academy works with a team of national and international experts who are still actively working in the industry so our courses content is relevant and constantly up-to-date.
We have a holistic approach to the industry, training our students not only all things modelling, but healthy well-being, positive mindset, self-confidence, leadership and business strategies.
We believe modelling is more about brains than beauty, so our modelling courses teach invaluable life skills transforming and empowering students not only professionally but also personally.

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Chadstone Tower 1, Level 8 1341 Dandenong Rd Chadstone, Vic 3148

03 85639464

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